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Want to be a Marshal

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We want you!

We're always looking for good team-oriented people, experienced or not, to join us. Click here to send the recruiting team an email for more information. If you would like information on the 2023 schools please send us a note to the email link above.

Planned 2023 New Marshal School Dates:

2023 School dates will be posted early in the new year.




Our members enjoy:


Lunch each day.

Worker dinner and hospitality on most Saturday evenings.

The envy of those who have to stay on the other side of the fence.

Free camping. For most major events, a guest pass or two. And best of all, the best seats in the house - after the driver's seat of course

Experienced marshals and F&C workers - come visit us!   Visiting workers are always welcome to join us at our events. All you need is current experience and official race worker ID from your region. To register for our events, use the online callout forms available from our Event Calendar pages. Not a Marshal

Think you might want to try it

Our MMS New Marshal Schools open the door for you to participate in all sorts of motor racing events. If you would like to receive more information please email our recruiting team for more information

Tuesday the 6th.