Marshal Licensing Progression

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Here is the relevant section of the CASC-OR Race Regulations

8.2 Marshal Licence Requirements and Progression

8.2.1 The holder of a CASC-OR Race Marshal’s licence shall be an affiliated member of a CASC-OR affiliated club.

8.2.2 The holder of a CASC-OR Race marshal's licence shall nominate and be accepted by one accredited marshalling club for the purposes of record keeping, log book issue, licence grading and training.

8.2.3 A Probationary licence requires attendance at both classroom and trackside schools approved by CASC-OR. Training shall include a basic fire training session. This grade of licence requires supervision while performing in the functions of flagging, phone/radio operation and safety. The accredited marshalling club's marshalling education committee shall keep written reports and evaluation for each event.
Marshal education committees shall locally amend CASC-OR logbooks to include name and signature of corner senior / captain.

8.2.4 A Basic licence requires satisfactory reports from a minimum of 10 supervised race days as a Probationary licence holder. The accredited marshalling club's education committee shall review the written reports and judge if the marshal is capable of working with less supervision.
In addition the marshal shall pass a written, open-book test based on the CASC-OR Marshal’s Training Manual with a reviewed and corrected mark of 100%.

8.2.5 An Intermediate licence requires:

a) marshalling competently as a Basic licence holder for either a minimum of 40 race days at one track or 30 race event days including 6 race event days at another track

b) demonstrating the competency required, in all marshalling functions at Canadian race events (flags, phones and safety).

8.2.6 Advanced Licence

a) An Advanced licence requires marshalling for at least 40 race event days, including at least 10 days at tracks other than their home track, as an intermediate licence holder. In addition the licence candidate shall have demonstrated, in all marshalling functions at Canadian race events (flags, phones and safety), the level of competency required for high speed, high profile events.

b) Once the requirements of section 8.2.6 a) have been met, an application for an advanced license can be accepted by the accredited marshalling club's education committee. The candidate shall be observed and assessed for a period of one year and a minimum of 10 race
event days before being considered by their marshalling education committee for an advanced licence.

c) The Candidate shall have knowledge of blue flagging, but no requirement exists to be qualified as a blue flagger.

8.2.7 Chief Course Marshal, Captain/Senior and Blue Flagger should be considered specialties and should not be tied to licensing advancement. Consideration should be given to training personnel who wish to take the training and who have proven that they are capable of handling these responsibilities. The decision as to who gets trained in these specialties rests with the marshalling clubs' education committees.

8.2.8 Requests for license upgrades shall be submitted in writing, with the required documentation, to the accredited marshalling clubs' education committees. The education committee shall decide if the candidate meets the prerequisites and shall recommend approval or denial of the request to CASC-OR. The committee shall advise the applicant of the recommendation.

8.2.9 To maintain an Intermediate or Advanced license grade requires marshalling at least 6 CASC-OR race days per calendar year or else a downgrade of 1 level may be applied by the marshalling club's education committee. A maximum of two (2) Ice Racing event days may be counted towards this requirement.

8.2.10 A marshal who does not perform marshal duties for a year may be required to attend a marshal’s school before a licence is issued. An absence of 2 or more years shall require attendance at a marshal’s school.

8.2.11 Any of the following, in order, can veto a licence change with reasons in writing:

a) Marshalling Education Chair of an accredited marshalling club or CASC-OR
b) Any appeals shall be submitted to CASC-OR in accordance with CASC-OR GCR 8.0.

8.2.12 Marshal’s logbooks shall be issued only by an accredited marshalling club.

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