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Are regional drivers the only ones that have a problem when there's a yellow flag and they have to wait till they see the green on the back straight, I think not. If they had waited till they had passed ALL INCIDENTS, then we wouldn't have this problem. If the Pro drivers, don't have an issue waiting 20 sec. or less to pass when they get to the green flag, I'm sure the regional drivers can too.

I have seen a car pulled off drivers left at the Mobile One sign and another car pulled off left before C6 and drivers have passed with a steady yellow at C5c after the first incident because they weren't aware of the second one.

Another incident at C5 was a car spun on track at 5b and another car before 5c and passing was happening after the incident at 5b.

These all happened under the old system, of being able to pass after the incident, the drivers not realizing, there were 2 incidents at the same time.

These scenarios should have been mentioned to the regional drivers and this would've ended the discussion.

What's up with moving the flaggers at C5 on the weekend? The move made it harder for the drivers to see the flags when they come out of the compression.

Are there anymore changes that might have to be put back when they are done. The flagging positions are made mainly for the Pro drivers that actually see the flags and know what they are for.

I truly believe, that instead of taking the word of a few drivers, we do a test run. We put cameras on the drivers helmets ( drivers told to move their heads, not just their eyes) and on their cars ( split screened so you can see views of where the car is, at the same time the drivers view). Have ALL flagging positions manned (womened), this way the officials who make these decisions, and we as marshalls would know without a doubt, where the riders/drivers, open and closed wheel autos and bikes too, both regional and pro are looking at our flags, at all parts of the track. A lot of drivers have their own cameras, so this isn't an issue. This could be done during a practise session Sat. morning when we have all stations manned.

A copy of this video (which shouldn't more than 10 minutes) would given to all the officials. We could have it played in the mornings, to be watched by everyone before morning meeting. For training for where we flag and what the track looks like from driver/rider view.

This would also be a great training tool for both QE's and experienced marshalls too. I know I'm not the only one, that would like to see the drivers view and how I could be better a marshal too.

Keep the rubber side down
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The problem is the unelected Regional safety expert... The same expert (being a former driver doesn't make you automatically correct) that had us move our flags from drivers right at cor 3 to behind the fence in the impact area of cor 3. Seems he couldn't grasp the idea that drivers are looking where they want to go - not 30 degrees to the left where they don't want to end up! It was only when we had a huge number of passing under yellow infractions at cor 3 that the drivers rebelled and were listened to. The flags went back to drivers right.

Your observations about passing under a yellow are spot on. Speaking about cor 3... I recall many years ago we had a yellow out for a car into the tires drivers left just before the phones and *another* one that spun out at the exit of the tire wall and ended up drivers right with half a car on the track. Meanwhile two cars decide to reengage their battle after the first car in the tires and come across this second parked car. Oops! No impact but it was close.

The only reason for the rule change was drivers whining about the back straight being half shut down because of a yellow. So racing trumps safety...
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