NASCAR Weekend

7 years 1 month ago #897 by Barbara Dobbs
NASCAR Weekend was created by Barbara Dobbs
A BIG Thank you to everyone this past weekend, as always everyone did a fantastic job and adapted to changes in how we do things when asked. Your ability to endure the comm system this weekend till it was fixed (sort of) was great, I always say we have the best team in the business and every weekend you prove me right.
I do want to acknowledge two people from this weekend that spent so much time trying to figure out what the main issue was with the comm, Rob Dobbie and Terry McCarthy. Terry spent most of Saturday and came in at lunch on Sunday to lend his expertise and Rob as always worked both days trying to find where the problem actually was.
It was also great to hear some new voices on the comm this weekend, thanks to Education for making sure this was done.
BTW, your calls into control during NASCAR where faster then the calls from the "spotters" great job :woohoo:

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