Parking spot for the 2016 Toronto Indy

5 years 5 months ago #1559 by Raymond Wintonyk
Raymond Wintonyk, here, from Edmonton:

I'm thinking pretty seriously of a road trip this coming July with my Westy to the Toronto Indy, a Family reunion in Wisconsin, and to the Indycar race at Mid Ohio.

But I need a place to park the Westfalia in Toronto. I don't need any hookups at all, just a place to park the thing (& it's SMALL). Ideally, it'd be within about a mile or two of the track, so I could take my bike to work. The bike would also be my transportation out to the corner.

I've never been to the Toronto Indy, though a LOT of you have been to Edmonton when we had the event for a few years here. I'm looking forward to it. And as I said, I don't need anything fancy, just a place to tuck in with the little Westy.

--- Ray

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5 years 5 months ago #1560 by Mike Canner
Hello Ray;
Hope you can make the race! You have some interesting questions. Let's try the easiest to answer first, there are transportation shuttles to the flag positions and they take us there directly from the morning meeting so the bike may not be necessary in the track area. The second question is a bit more daunting, where would you "camp" with your vehicle. Off the top there are not very many places in downtown Toronto where you could set outside of the track area. There is no formal location to park that allows overnight accommodation that I know of inside the track. It is City of Toronto property and they do not encourage overnight stays. As of this point in time the preliminary arrangements are being discussed and they might be able to ask permission to use an area but I would not bank on that by any stretch. There is always the beg forgiveness rather than ask permission route but that could go bad in a hurry as well.

The floor is open to anyone who might have other information....

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5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #1561 by Stephen Forbes
Unfortunately wherever you park in Toronto and especially near the circuit you'll have to pay a parking fee.

My first year I parked my car at the Lamport Stadium which is a 10m walk from the circuit, very easy. You can see the two on google maps very close to each other.

For a bit closer there is a lot at Liberty St. and Atlantic Ave, Atlantic being the street you follow to cross the traintracks and highway to get to Exhibition place. There's also the Metro which would be free parking but they may have a sign stating time limitations, it's just a bit further NE.

There really isn't any "free" space around the track unfortunately. :( Wherever you park will likely be on the North side of the Gardner so if you are biking you'll have to lift the bike up many flights of stairs and then back down again.
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