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JoAnne sent us this email to share with all of you:

Hello everyone –
Another interesting and busy Toronto weekend. Thanks from all the Race Directors in IndyCar, Mazda Road to Indy, and IMSA for your great work and support.
Toronto is a highlight on my schedule because no matter what happens, no matter how significant the incidents or how complicated the schedule, you always manage to get it done without a lot of drama. You are accurate, accommodating to our requests for modified communications and flagging protocols, and consistent. These render our work almost calm in the midst of the chaos that surrounds us and that is created on the racetrack. Thank you so much.
I attribute much of that, of course, to your outstanding professionalism and also to your leadership. Peter has been a wonderful partner to IndyCar in planning and executing this very complex event. He has also been a great mentor to Scotty, who will likewise be a great partner. I thank Peter and know he isn’t going away, and I look forward to working with Scotty.
But, of course, there are so many others without whom this event would be less. Tim and his logistical support crew are incredible and I am so pleased that we could get you out Sunday after the rides.
There is a group who support us in Race Control – Scott, Barb, Bill, and Bob – these folks are tireless and always helpful and cheerful, not to mention knowledgeable and willing to solve whatever problems there may be without our even having to ask. It is marvelous working with a group whose goal is to get the job done in a rational and expeditious way.
We had many challenges throughout this weekend, and we succeeded each time. We provided timely and correct information to both the drivers through flags and to race control through reports so that the proper decisions could be made. We hit all the targets.
In closing, two things – one is that if you have any suggestions or ideas or comments, please pass them along; and two is that if you have any capacity in your busy schedules and budget, please consider coming to another IndyCar or IMSA event. Road America is just down the road in our IMSA schedule and I know they would love welcoming you.
In any event, again, thanks and please take care.
Until next time

JoAnne Jensen
IndyCar Chief Observer
C – 480-213-6499
E – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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